These days, the first port of call for just about anyone looking to buy a new home in the capital, is to go online. Some people may head down to their local estate agents to pour over glossy photographs in the window – but they won’t exactly have to elbow their way through a crowd to get to the front.

No, our computers and mobile phones are our windows on the world these days. Online portal Rightmove claim more than 90 per cent of estate agents in the UK advertise with them. That’s a lot of London property photography. So, when you come to sell your clients’ homes, they really have to stand out, online. Price and location can catch the eye, of course. But to really hook a prospective buyer, it’s first-class images and video every time.

That’s because when faced with screeds of online pages of houses for sale in their price range and suitable location, a potential buyer will spend around two seconds looking at the images of each home. And no matter how fabulous your client’s basement bar is, or how large an indoor Jacuzzi in that penthouse property, if the prospective buyer doesn’t like the main image of the home on that landing page, then they’ll simply skim past your agency’s advert, and on to the next piece of property. And bang goes your chance of getting them to book a viewing.

Don’t drop the price of property – hire a professional photographer instead

A price drop would, of course, catch a buyer’s attention but why lower the asking price of those houses for sale when all you have to do in the first place is get your client to pay a percentage of that sum to have some professional images or a video made in the first place?

And don’t be tempted to try to save yourself cash by spending 20 minutes or so taking the images yourself using your own Smartphone. Yes, the latest iPhone has a terrific camera but there is a lot more to taking fabulous images than how good a camera lense is.

A professional London property photographer won’t just know the best angle to take the shot from, but also how to arrange the lighting correctly and edit the images to best effect. He or she will also have a good idea about the type of images that buyers look for and which ‘speak to them’ ie a glamorous kitchen or upmarket bathroom, as well as feature items such as a fabulous fireplace, stunning chandelier in the hallway or pretty gazebo in a landscaped garden.

Get a professional London property photographer round and they will be able to advise on ‘what’ should be photographed, as well as ‘how.’

How your clients can prepare for a professional photographer’s visit

You will, of course, make sure your clients’ houses are looking spin and span from top to bottom. But ensure they clear out clutter too. There’s nothing guaranteed to take away from a great shot than a misplaced mug or the blur of a cat fleeing from the room (keep pets in the garden if you can while the photographer is doing his or her work).

If you run an estate agency and have a whole portfolio of client properties to sell which are taking longer than they should to shift, then get in touch with us here at London professional property photographers The Bléu Plan We know we can help.

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